And So Our Adventures in Blogging Begin…

Hello everyone!

This is our first official blog post for Eloquence Residences and we couldn’t be more excited to get this blog rolling! We’ve been playing around with the idea of a blog for awhile,  and decided it would be a wonderful way to share what’s happening at our resort and in the Miami area.

We’ll aim to keep you up-to-date with everything Eloquence, as well as share our very own Miami tips, tricks, and the events happening in the area.

Who is excited for Memorial Day weekend? If you’re looking for a fantastic Memorial Day, Miami will not disappoint. Whether you want to spend the weekend lounging in the sun, or opt for something a bit more upbeat, it would be impossible not to make the three day weekend special here in Miami. As for us…. you can find us here, relaxing poolside.  🙂

Eloquence on the bay pool view

For you adventure seekers, check out The Miami Herald’s event calendar for the best of Miami’s Memorial Day festivities.

-The Eloquence Team


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