Happy International Sushi Day!

Today is International Sushi Day, which to us is just another good excuse to eat more sushi. We can’t get enough of it!

There are an endless amount of sushi establishments all over the Miami area, but to get your sushi fix, you don’t have to travel far from Eloquence.

Just a 3 minute drive, ( or 1o minute walk ) from Eloquence is a very unique sushi restaurant, The Japanese Market. The establishment is actually part restaurant part Japanese grocery store.  In the store you can find an extensive selection of rices, noodles, seasonings, sauces and more. If you’re a Sake fan, The Japanese Market carries one of the largest selections of premium Japanese Sakes in the Southern Florida area.

Lets get down to business here though: The Sushi Bar.

Offering authentic sushi rolls, sashimi, and dishes such as curry rice, eel-bowls, and terriyaki, Chef Michio is known for serving up some of the best sushi in Miami. We wish we were biting into one of their crunchy shrimp rolls now…


1412 79th St. Csway

North Bay Village, FL 33141


Very Caual


Tues-Sat 12 pm- 7 pm

Sun 12 pm- 10 pm

Closed Mondays


Hungry yet?


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