Take a Stroll down South Beach’s Espanola Way


Espanola Way

Take a stroll down South Beach’s quirkier side, and explore Espanola Way!

espanola way

Running from Collins Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue, this boho scene known as Espanola Way consists of art galleries, restaurants, and quirky shops. The European-inspired village was originally conceived by N.B.T Roney and William Whitman (Bal Harbour Shops owner) , and was meant to model the Mediterranean villages in Spain and Paris. After a rough start, Espanola way was bought by Linda Polansky who began restoring the area, and it was during that time that Espanola way was scouted out to be a filming location for the hit show Miami Vice.

It was with the help of Polansky and Miami Vice that helped make Espanola Way the lively and quirky place it is today.

During the weekends, you can find vendors selling hand crafted jewlery, or fresh flowers. For coffee lovers, there are plenty of bohemian outdoor cafes for you to sip your morning cappuccino. Grab a bit to eat and experience flavorful cuisine at many of the area’s Internatioanl inspired eateries. Choose from a selection of cuisines including Mexican, Italian, Cuban, Brazilian, & more!

Espanola Way South Beach

Espanola Way South Beach

espanola way

-Eloquence On the Bay



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