The Critical Mass: Miami’s Bike Culture Makes Massive Impact

Miami’s Critical Mass

In a world of rising gas prices, increasing environmental concerns, & the never ending congestion on our roadways, many people have opted for a more simple mode of transportation– biking.

Critical Mass Miami

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To most, the idea of biking on your morning commute seems unfathomable– it’s too far, there’s not enough time, we’ll get sweaty. For some however, biking is the only sensible option, and the bike culture is beginning to spread throughout the United States, including right here at home in Miami.

Biking is extremely beneficial on multiple accounts. According to, cycling builds both stamina and muscle tone, improves cardiovascular fitness, burns calories, and can even reduce stress. As far as environmental concerns go, cycling leaves virtually no carbon footprint, and is considered one of the most energy efficient forms of transportation ever invented.

In over 300 cities around the world, including right here in Miami, cycling enthusiasts gather on the last Friday of every month to take a stand against growing environmental, energy, and health concerns in the U.S. This social movement is striving to make biking a way of life, and an amazing amount of enthusiasts attend Critical Mass every month.

According to, an estimated 2,000 cyclists came together for Miami’s Critical Mass. Not a bad turn out, but Critical Mass has proved to bring in even more supporters elsewhere. In Budapest, Hungary for example, and estimated 80,000 riders participated on Earth Day of 2008!

Critical Mass Miami

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The events have no organized leader– in fact, most people join  Critical Mass after hearing about it across the web, via social media outlets, or word of mouth. Although Critical Mass is meant to be a peaceful social movement, participants do make efforts to remain a strong, unified group– even if that means blocking traffic. This tactic is called “corking,” and can cause some annoyances to frustrated drivers, since most groups do not stop at traffic lights.

Miami Critical Mass

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Regardless, Critical Mass and the Miami Bike scene are alive and well in our sunny city.

If you want to catch a glimpse of the next Miami Critical Mass, or even want to join in yourself, the next ride is scheduled for August 31st.

To see photos from the ride, check out these great shots from @SlipStreamPhotography. Miami Bike Scene captured some great video footage of the ride as well. You can see the powerful role social media has in organizing the event in the video.

-Eloquence On the Bay


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