Best Burgers in Miami

It’s national cheeseburger day, and that can mean only one thing– it’s time to chow down!

Sometimes, you just need a burger. That tender beef, crisp iceberg lettuce, and juicy tomato all sandwiched between a soft, toasted bun? We’re getting hungry just thinking about it.

Miami has hundreds of options to satisfy your craving for this American classic, but we decided (in spirit of the holiday) to round up some of the best burger joints in Miami. Vegetarians stick with us– we’ve thought of you too.


And now announcing “The Best Burger……”


That Won’t Break the Bank:

Shake Shack

Although this burger joint originally began as a hot dog stand in Madison Square Park, Shake Shack has made a big name for itself here in Miami. With locations in both South Beach and Coral Gables, Shake shack serves up some delicious burgers for $8 or less. Some complain that their burgers are a bit on the small-ish side, but don’t fret. Wash down that delicious burger with one of their famous milkshakes or a custard concrete!  Look out dog lovers– They even have “pooch-ini” dog biscuits for your furry friend to enjoy while you chow down.

shake shack miami


 For When You’re On the Go:

Five Guys

Nothing fancy here– just a good, solid burger and a meal that won’t break the bank. Their menu is simple; choose from a hamburger, cheeseburger, or bacon burger and choose a variety of toppings to make a masterpiece of your own. If you aren’t quite as hungry, opt for a “little burger” — good things can definitely come in small packages.

five guys burgers

For Vegan’s:


Don’t think we forgot about you non-meat eaters out there! There are plenty of Miami burger joints that offer veggie friendly options. For a full vegan burger experience, Mushaboom has some mouth-watering options on their menu. Mushaboom Vegan is a foodtruck that travels throughout Miami, so follow them on Facebook or Twitter or check their website to find out where they’ll be in Miami next. This Thursdsay you can find them at the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood from 5:30-10:00 for the Miami Food Truck Rally!



That’s Local:


Why not support the local Miami food scene and chomp on Flordian-raised 100$ grass-fed beef? What you see is what you get here at this burger joint- no hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. Vegetarians can opt for their delicious oat bran and brown rice based veggie burger, while those with a sweet tooth can order the “Childhood Dream,” a beef patty smacked between a donut and finished off with crispy bacon. Feeling like celebrating? Order their “Burger & Bubbles” Any two burgers with a bottle of their most expensive champagne on the menu for a mere $300. ( No, we’re not kidding.)

local burgers


That’s all Organic:

Elevation Burger

Just because something is grass-fed and local doesn’t necessarily mean it’s organic; so for those of you on the organic craze, make a stop at Elevation burger. Their menu is pretty simple– you’ve got your standard cheeseburger, hamburger, and veggie burger on the menu. If you’re feeling ravenous, order the Vertigo Burger, a build your own burger with a ten (TEN!) patty limit.

elevation burger

For a Big Appetite:

Burger and Beer Joint

Two Words: COME. HUNGRY.  At this famous Miami burger joint, bigger definitely means better. 10 oz. of angus beef all finished off with a variety of gormet and unusual toppings– buffalo chili, cucumber-jalapeno salsa, tarragon remoulade– you name it, Burger & Beer joint has it.

The real thing to feast your eyes on here? THE MOTHERBURGER. This ginormous burger consists of 10lbs of angus beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a pickle. This monster meal will only cost your and your fellow diners $125– or finish it yourself in 2 hours and get it for free.

Didn’t we tell you to come hungry…?

burger and beer joint

Happy National Cheeseburger Day!

Now stop staring at your screens and go get that burger.

-Eloquence On the Bay


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