Black Friday Balloon Drop


Black Friday.

This shopping day is probably one of the most simultaneously loved and hated days of the year. To get those once-a-year discounts, determined shoppers everywhere set their alarm clocks for the unspeakable early hours of the morning and stand in long lines foregoing food and water as they battle with other anxious shoppers to get that coveted new iPad mini or Wii U.

Sound fun? Miami’s Southland Mall is hosting its fourth annual Black Friday Balloon Drop to make your Black Friday a little more enjoyable! If hundreds of colorful balloons falling from the sky wasn’t enough, the balloons are going to be stuffed with gift cards, coupons, and movie passes!

ballon drop fun

Join the fun at 8 a.m. as balloons descend from the rafters at four locations around the mall: Sears Wing, Center Court, JC Penney’s and Macy’s.

Sure, the mall is a bit of a drive from Eloquence, but with plenty of shops to choose from and all that balloon drop fun, your Black Friday is bound to be a success. Happy Shopping!

southland mall miamiWhere:

Southland Mall

20505 S. Dixie Highway Cutler Bay, FL 33189


8:00 am

-Eloquence on the Bay


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